How do I get my Business listed on Apple Maps?

How do I get my Business listed on Apple Maps?

BEFORE YOU START: To create an Apple Maps business listing you need an apple ID. Once you have an apple ID for your business, you can begin to create your business listing!
Create an Apple ID for your company:
  • Go to and create a company Apple ID
  • Enter company email
  • Create / confirm temporary password
  • Enter first name, last name, and birthday
  • Select and answer 3 security questions
  • Select country
  • Enter CAPTCHA -> Continue
  • Find the confirmation email and enter the verification code to confirm your company Apple ID

Step 1: Store contact info, product descriptions, and marketing materials in a single document.

Take the time to do this once, as a result, you will save hours of searching overtime. Most notably, you should have everything in one place, so you can easily share accurate – up to date – assets with coworkers and employees.
Pro Tip: Use a Google Doc to store, and share your company info and assets. Check out Airi’s Company Info Doc.

Step 2: Go to Apple Maps.

  • Login with your new company Apple ID (email and password).
  • Select your language preference.
  • Select add my business.
  • Read and agree to the terms of service.

Step 3: Add your Business.

  • Search for your company, near your city.
  • Select add a new place.
  • Choose place status. 
  • Enter country. 
  • Choose primary, and two alternative categories. 
  • Enter phone number.
  • Do you accept Apple Pay? (Yes or No).
  • Continue

Step 4: Select Verify Later.

This will allow you to skip the verification process and finish adding your account details. 

Step 5: Complete your Apple Maps Profile.

  • Enter full business address.
  • Move the map PIN to the front door of your building.
  • Enter operating hours.
  • Add website and social URL’s.
  • Continue. 

Step 6: Respond to Apple’s Alert.

Respond to alert: “Answer a call” Coordinate a verification call from Apple to your business. Apple will ask that you prompt an automated call to your business, write down a pin number and enter it online to confirm your location.
  • Call your location to ensure someone will be available to answer Apple’s verification call.
  • Instruct the individual to stay near the phone, and to write down the PIN Apple provides.
  • Prompt the verification call, wait 5 minutes, and call back to retrieve the PIN.
  • Enter PIN to confirm your location / phone number.
  • Note: any remaining alerts from apple will not hinder publication.