What is the Google Engage program?

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Google Engage for Agencies is designed to help agencies like yours master marketing on Google.
As a member of Google Engage you'll have access to free training, exclusive tools and all the guidance and support you need to help clients with more effective Search Engine Marketing. Learn what you need to know, from creating great ads and keyword lists to our reporting and optimization tools that can help you maximize a client's return on their advertising investment.
We have already helped thousands of businesses and individuals around the world establish great business opportunities.  If you are a web marketing professional, search engine marketer, webmaster, web designer, or marketing consultant, then Google Engage is the online toolbox for you
Join Google Engage (just click that big blue button up there), and kick-start your SEM business today.

What is the Google Engage program and who is it intended for?

The Google Engage program is designed to educate and support those businesses that specialize in helping other businesses succeed online. Typical participants include interactive agencies, individual webmasters, web developers, and IT consultants. Participants can receive access to educational resources, live events, promotional materials, and a select number of free AdWords vouchers. When participants grow their online skills and further develop their knowledge of Google products, we believe they’ll become more attractive to potential clients and more valuable to existing ones.

Want to apply for the program Read this first?

In order to qualify for the program, you and/or your business must:

Be physically based in the United States
Have a functioning business website
Specialize in web-services that help businesses succeed online (e.g. web-development, digital campaign management, etc.)
Be eager to spend time and resources promoting Google tools and services to your clients
Remain in compliance to Google Third-Party Policy

How you can join the program?

Complete the online application form, and tell us about your business and the services you offer. A Google representative will review your application and contact you via phone or email within 10 - 15 business days with further details. If approved, you'll get access to the program's online portal, where you can find online trainings and other program resources. Only after completing four required webinars will you become eligible to receive your initial batch of 20 free AdWords vouchers. See Google AdWords voucher terms and conditions.

How do you get AdWords online advertising vouchers for your customers?

Every participant will received 20 promotional vouchers upon joining the program and completing four required webinars. Participants must observe the Google AdWords voucher terms and conditions. Violation of these terms and conditions can result in the termination of program membership. Participants may only give one promotional voucher per client. Voucher codes may not be resold and should not be placed on publicly accessible media, such as the Internet.