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What Information Should Be In a Local Business Website?

The first question that comes to mind when you set out to build or redesign your small business website is a hard one: What should be on your website?

You should include as much information as is necessary to accomplish your goals for the website, and those goals will depend on your business. Your content will be more complex if you run an ecommerce website, or if you rely solely on digital marketing for your leads and sales. But if your goal to get a simple website up and running, there are only a few elements that are absolutely essential on your new site.

Your small business’ web pages should include:

Your business name, slogan and logo featured prominently at the top of the page.Your phone number with a click-to-call option for smartphone users.A description of your business, your products and/or services in the middle of the home page, plus photos.Links to your company Facebook page and other social media profiles.Review Widget like Yelp, Google Map, Etc.The address of your main l…
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How to Optimize for RankBrain and Semantic Search in 2017

RankBrain and Semantic Search has sparked a lot of buzz in the SEO space. We've heard about entity SEO, conversational content, optimizing for topics (as opposed to keywords), and even completely ditching old-school SEO tactics, like link building and keyword targeting, in favor of creating the most relevant and useful piece of content there is, and letting Google do the rest.

But is Google really giving up on keywords, and should SEOs do the same? What exactly does "optimizing for relevance" mean, how do you do it, and can you rely on it alone? How, after all, does semantic search work, and where do you get started? This article is an attempt to answer these questions.

What's Semantic Search? Semantic search aims to improve search accuracy by understanding searcher intent, contextual meaning of terms, and relationships between words to provide more relevant search results.

It all started with Google's Hummingbird update back in 2013. Hummingbird uses context and…

22 SEO Tips by Experts

How great would it be if we could gather all the awesome SEO experts in just one room to talk about search engines ranks with a focus on the best SEO tips available out there? It would be glorious! Since we don’t have a room big enough to gather all the best experts in one place, we took advantage of the online “meetings” and gathered all the up to date SEO tips into an awesome expert roundup post. That is how we got the idea of interviewing 22 renowned SEO experts and how we found out 22 awesome and unique search engine optimization tips … the best of them.

22 SEO Tips by Experts for 2017
We’ve got answers from some of the brightest minds about the most actionable tips from the digital marketing world. We’ve found interesting news, insights and really helpful tips and guidelines about mobile optimization, metrics, qualitative content marketing, testing, technical SEO and customer centric websites. These 22 tips are some of the best for small businesses or large enterprises. Make sure…

Top 5 Tips For Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

Local Business Owners Survive and Thrive by maximizing every dollar of a budget, every ounce of effort and every minute of time. An effective marketing strategy for your small business is crucial to efficiently grow revenue and minimizing wasted resources.

If you can maintain focus, understand your customers and your strengths, simplify your approach and maximize efficiency, you can find success with less. If funds are tight at the moment, try our 5 tricks for marketing on a shoestring budget for strong results without the massive price tag.

5 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget
1. Hone in and Focus Big Companies with huge marketing and advertising budgets can afford to cast a wide net. For small business owners, a scattershot approach will deliver a very poor return on investment. Whatever channel you are focusing on, each marketing message must be targeted with laser-like precision.

A Well-targeted online advertising is the most cost-effective option for most s…

15 Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Web Hosting Service

Choosing a reliable hosting service is one of the very first and most important steps in your website development and marketing process. No matter how “maxim” it may sound, your website hosting is literally the foundation of your website online success.

Whether you’re looking to host your very first site or want to move an existing site to a new hosting provider, taking the time to think through each of the following items can help you feel confident that you have made the best decision that will meet your needs long into the future.

Physical Hardware Physical hardware running your site being one of the most important considerations, take the time to research the server types of a hosting company is using. Is high-speed SSD storage included? Does it use redundant devices, such as RAID-configured hard drives? What is its response time when replacing failed hardware and are backups onsite?

Technical Support Team No matter how good a host may be, it’s likely you’ll need to work with its …