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How To: Enhance your web browsing performance using browser advertiser plug-in!

This is a how to article for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome user only.

If you experiencing slow browsing speed on Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome for Windows, this method give you the opportunity to browse more smoothly than it is currently.

Internet browser uses your network speed for download WebPages content from web server you want to visit, then the browser serve you the website.  Depending on the website content (dynamic or static) & webpage size web browser took time display to you.

You know most of the website use advertising in their website, and if you can disable/hide thus advertisement you can browse faster. So, we’re going to block unwanted advertisement when we browse though Firefox & chrome.

If you still don’t know about browser advertising filter, please allow me to share with you what is internet browser advertiser filter & how to use it.

What is browser advertising filter?

Browser advertising filter is simple plug-in/extension ensure that most advertising that is usually displayed on websites will be automatically hidden. As a result web page can be downloaded & displayed faster.

I recommended you install the free advertising filter “adblock plus” on your browser. 

How to Install?

Firefox: Installing an advertiser filter.
Step-1: Open Firefox.
Step-2: Click on Tools > Then Add-ons > Then Extension
Step-3: Write adblock plus on extension search box & hit search. You’ll see many Browser advertising filter add-on.
Step-4: click Install adblock plus & wait for complete, after complete restart firefox.
Step-5: Finish

Chrome: Installing an advertiser filter.
Step-1: Open Chrome.
Step-2: Click on Tools > Then Extension > Then get More Extension
Step-3: Write adblock plus on extension search box & hit search. You’ll see many Browser advertising filter Extension.
Step-4: click Add to Chrome, pop up screen will come then click Add & wait.
Step-5: Finish


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