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How to Get Money from oDesk Directly to your Bank Account in Bangladesh

Although money withdrawing from oDesk has never been a problem for Bangladeshi freelancers like me, but it can be very difficult for newbie freelancers who just started working though oDesk.

But the good news is oDesk has been started Wire Transfers in BDT for Bangladeshi contractors. It seems this method will be the most direct, low cost way to withdraw funds for Bangladeshi contractor to his/her own bank account.

Now all of Bangladeshi freelancers who work though oDesk can receive their money directly on their local bank account via New Wire transfer Withdrawal BDT. This Withdrawal Method is going to charge you $4.99 for each withdraws where First withdrawal is FREE! It will take three to five business days to arrive money on your own Bank account. Isn’t cool?

Now time to talk about the step by step procedure to Eligible Wire Transfers Withdrawal in BDT.

1. Login on your oDesk account, then select "Wallet" tab and click on "Withdraw Method". See below image-

2. Then you will see an option like below image and click on "Set up Wire Account" button-

3. Now give your bank’s SWIFT Code and click on "Go" button. Then you will see image like below-

4. After that filling all other fields like- Account Number, Branch Name, Branch Address and Bank Account Holder Information on like below form-

5. Finally check on checkbox and Review Details. Then click on "Add withdrawal Method" button, Now you are done. The Wire Transfer method is now added on your oDesk account as your Withdrawal method. It will be activated within three/four days after it.

In my opinion, the oDesk BDT Wire withdrawal will be the best option for those starting out their freelancing career, especially for those who can wait for 4-5 days. The first transfer is free and there are no bank charges so you get your first paycheck in full.

But if you’ve been freelancing for years, you know the PayPal option is the better of all methods especially if you need to receive money from clients outside oDesk. So, PayPal,Inc  as well as our Government should take care about this situation. We expect within end of this year PalPal will be available for us.

Please, Feel free to trash or support me in the comments.


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