Pros and Cons of Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a system that stores data online and makes it available to the owner whenever wherever. The first thing before you can use data backup is to select an online backup company and sign up. Smile2Cloud is one of the reseller of offsite backup companies whose main goal is to provide reliable, flexible, affordable, timely and efficient data recovery services. Remote backup has several cons and cons, some of which are as follows:


1. It is very easy to use free online storage services. Once you sign up and be given an encryption key, you can access the data at any time. The sign up process is also very simple as it involves creating a username and password only. You do not have to be stressed on where the storage space will come from, how your data will be stored and how the storage system will be maintained.

 2. It is very cost effective especially when compared with traditional data storage. The only thing you have to pay for is the annual subscription. It does not involve buying storage devices or paying for maintenance fee. It is the cloud storage company that caters for the repair and maintenance of the whole system. Additionally, the subscription fee will depend on the storage space that your data occupies.

3. It reduces the recovery time as data lost is directly transmitted to the owner in case of data loss. It does not involve recalling the tape, loading it, locating the data and recovering it like in the traditional file recovery. Data recovery is very fast and wired to the owner immediately he/she needs backing up. The backup process is also cheaper because nothing new is purchased or transported.

 4. It fully protects data and eliminates threats of data hacking and access by unauthorized persons. The cloud backup companies encode the data using complex algorithms and develop encryption key which will be used to decode the data. It is only the owner of the data that is given the encryption key meaning that no one else can access the data.

5. Additionally, you must create a username and password which remains known to you alone, and also, provide identification of people you want allowed to access your data and to what extent. All these are done to ensure security of data.


1. Automatic data backup cannot be completed without internet connection. This means that you must be connected to the internet for you to access your files. At times when internet connection is poor or unstable then accessing your data will be a problem as you will have to wait for longer periods of time.

 2. Sometimes size may be limited as every organization or individual may be restricted to store data within a particular bandwidth. This means that when you have too much data to store then you may have to store it at more than one cloud storage companies.

3. Downloading large files may take longer compared to transferring them on external storage devices. Thus if your data is too large then you will have to wait for some time before it gets fully downloaded.