5 Steps to Automate Your Google Analytics Reporting

If you love analytics and relay on google analytics for your website insights then without a doubt, you're looking for ways to make Google Analytics Reporting easier and faster: Automation it is.

Today, I'm going to guide you through how you automatically keep up-to-date with your latest Google Analytics Data directly with Google Spreadsheet. If you’re just getting started with Google Analytics or if you are Google Analytics Ninja looking for ways to Automate Your Google Analytics Reporting, this article is for you.

Setting Up Your Automated Google Analytics Report

Here’s how you can get set up with your website google analytics reporting with Google Spreadsheet. You don't need to click around in Google Analytics and export reports anymore, this 5 Steps will do everything for you.

Step 1:

install the “Google Analytics” addon for Google Sheets

Google Analytics Addon for Google Sheet

Step 2:

Open Google Spreadsheet, and Create a New Report in the “Add-ons” Dropdown

Create new report Via Google Sheet

Step 3:

When the pops up come in fill the form with appropriate info for your report, be sure to select the site you want Analytics on!

Input Analytics Report Info

Step 4:

Then click “Create Report.” Now in the info that pops up, copy your “Profile ID.” You’re going to need this!

Google Analytics Profile ID

Okay, now leave that spreadsheet be.

Then, open up this spreadsheet, and create a copy of it.

Make a copy of Template spreadsheet

Now in the spreadsheet copy you made, put in your Analytics code in line 4:

Input your analytics code here

Step 5:

Now it's time to Automate Your Google Analytics Reporting, go to Add-ons -> Google Analytics -> Run Report and you’re good!

You have a report that you can run whenever you want that gets your Top Referrers, Social Sources, Top Keywords, Top Campaigns, and more. Just click through the different sheets from the bottom of the Spreadsheet!

I know the guide may seem a bit overwhelming, but it is really easy, Just follow these five simple steps. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to set up, and you don’t need any experience in Google Spreadsheets to follow these steps.

Do you automate your Google Analytics reporting? let us know by your comment below.


Great article as usual. Parvez, is there any tools for GA reporting automation?

Thanks Buddy. You can automate analytics reporting by DataHero.