SEO Experts Review: What is the best SEO friendly CMS platform in 2015 for a company website?

If you need to use CMS for your next project, think what you'll be going to use?

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Alice Deans
I feel that wordpress has number of options to work on the SEO. You can totally customize the site along with the focus keywords. I personally use it.

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Here's Why We Should Use WordPress.

  1. WordPress is Free as in Freedom 
  2. WordPress is Easy to Use and Learn 
  3. WordPress is Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins 
  4. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly 
  5. WordPress is Easy To Manage 
  6. WordPress is Safe and Secure 
  7. WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types

Gjivan ShresthaWeb Entrepreneur / Director at Ewebpedia Network™

If you are non tech savvy, go for WordPress, they are good in seo not only cz of responsive theme design but also there are numerous plugins which automate your work.

Diana Perk - Get Expert Advice on Web Development

If you are considering building a company website and considering to choose best CMS platform that offer you the ability to update and control your website without advanced technical knowledge then wordpress would be best option.

Wordpress: Wordpress is the most popular choice among developers, bloggers and corporations. It is easy to set up website in wordpress as it include number of plugins that can be used to extend WordPress with regards to SEO. Wordpress is right choice when it comes to SEO.

Why WordPress?

  1. It’s extremely beginner-friendly 
  2. It’s powerful 
  3. It’s mobile friendly 
  4. Easy to customize

David Miller - Sr. Sales Manager

Go with WordPress. WordPress is one of the world’s prominent open source content management systems.

Benefits Of WordPress: 

  • Simple to edit or create new pages. 
  • Easy to customize.
  • Search engines love WordPress because the code is very clean can keep the content fresh all the time. 
  • Very Flexible – WordPress can be integrated with whatever applications you have on your site or be re-designed to match your site. 
  • Quick Loading – Page loads quickly so you don't lose the attention of your visitors.

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David Quaid - CEO of eScape Web Design for 10 years

All I can say is WordPress - and totally agree with David Miller on this.

It's out of the box SEO friendly, especially when you deploy the Yoast All-in-One SEO Plugin: WordPress SEO Plugin • XML Sitemaps & more! • Yoast

Other platforms like Drupal and Joomla are just inherently SEO unfriendly.

I know one SEO who didn't like WordPress and was convinced it was SEO unfriendly just because you couldn't edit Page titles with it. It's so untrue.

The problem with other CMS platforms is that they're built in academia to solve problems that don't exist in reality. Drupal's nodes and auto-tagging are fine, until you have 50 pages.

I'll pick WP+Yoast for

  • Instant Category and Tag Pages 
  • Very easy to make responsive - you dont have to build a separate site or theme 
  • Instant XML Sitemap (RSS Feed and Yoast) 
  • WP Pingomatic automatically pings Google and Bing for you 
  • Ease of integration for Analytics, Webmaster Tools 
  • SEF and Human-friendly URLs 
  • Great for social sharing icons 
  • Easy to use page/post editor 
  • CMS options from Woo etc 
  • Tonnes of free and commercial plug-ins
Syed Farhan Raza, SEO Scientist & Internet Marketing Consultant

Well, SEO not have much to do with CMS technically but the UI of some make it better then others. 

On-Page SEO on wordpress is much more easy and highly recommended for the standard websites specifically when they are being run by non-tech.

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