Social Media Tactics to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Social Media to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Are you struggling to control the power of Social Media for your website? are you want to Increase Traffic to Your Website from social media? If the above answer is yes, then I'm writing this post for you.

Why should you care about Social Media?

Because it used by millions of users everyday. Based on Statista data, revealed in March 2015, below are the approximate numbers of active users in different social media sites:

  • Facebook – 1,415,000,000 
  • LinkedIn – 347,000,000 
  • Google+ – 300,000,000 
  • Twitter – 288,000,000

Do you know, The population of USA is something like 300,000,000. And all of these social media users are there, just on the other side of your screen!

The days are gone when you could optimize your website and blog every day, increase your audience via email and RSS subscriber and just sit and relax. Although this strategy still works in today, But now it is the era of social media!

The Social Media Sites can help increase your website visitor if you have something worth in your website. Here are some tips for how you can use Social Media to Increase Traffic to Your Website.

So here are Social Media Tactics that you can apply to drive traffic to your websites.

Tactic #1: Did you know that Twitter now has over 316 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets sent per day? Communicating with customers and posting tweets regularly may increase your website visitor.

Every time you tweet, include the post headline and link back to your website. Also try to include a picture from the post within the tweet, Twitter users love pictures.

Tactic #2: Start a Facebook page for your website. This is a great, additional subscription option for heavy Facebook users, and it can be a means of expanding your platform. I’ve met several new people who “liked” my page and weren’t previously friends with me on Facebook.

Regularly share your content on Facebook. There are some great tools to help make this easier for you. Encourage your readers to do the same by adding a Facebook “like” or “share” button.

Tactic #3: Ask others to promote your blog via social bookmarking sites, such as DIGG, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and others. You may occasionally do this yourself, but be careful of doing it repeatedly, as some sites penalize sites with multiple submissions from the same user.

Tactic #4: Implement social sharing tools on your website. Here is a list of popular social sharing tools that I have tested so far. A few are plugins designed specifically for WordPress, but others can be used on almost any website.

Tactic #5: The evolution of online feedback and commenting has come a long way; from the old school guestbook to forum and feedback form, and from native platform-dependent commenting systems to today’s social-powered commenting systems that work cross-platform regardless of what Content Management System, Programming Language or Scripts your site is based on.

Use a social-powered commenting tool like Disqus, IntenseDebate, Livefyre or Facebook.

Tactic #6: Write catchy headlines that people will want to share. Most people neglect this by posting well-written articles with crappy, nondescript titles.

Tactic #7: Write compelling content. You might be thinking, “Duh,” but I really mean that. It has to be really good. Like, better than your average blog.

Tactic #8: No matter what social media you are trying to leverage, sharing mediocre information will only hurt you. I’ve learned this the hard way because when I get lazy and share mediocre information, I see that my social traffic drops.

Tactic #9: Whenever you release a tweet or a Facebook post, you can control where you place your link. Place your links near the beginning of your social posts, it'll increase click-throughs-rate.

Tactic #10: Consider creating a hashtag that is short, recognizable by followers, and allows them to easily follow along. If you’re using an existing hashtag, ensure you’re adding value to the conversation.

Tactic #11: Since LinkedIn obtained pulse, It has remained a content publishing platform, but now it features articles from anyone who posts on LinkedIn. This is your opportunity to get your content in front of a large audience and get visitor to your website.

I’m sure that each of you found useful social media tactics in this post. Go ahead, share it, write your ideas and opinions in comments.