How do I manage all of my Business Directory Updates?

How do I manage all of my Business Directory Updates?

BEFORE YOU START to update one of your business directory listings, check them all. When listing info is incorrect it is usually due to human error, or contact info change like moving to a new office, or getting a new phone number etc. This means the error is more than likely on other listings as well.

Step 1: Compare each directory listing against your profile.

  • Go through all your directory listings, line by line, and compare the info to your company profile (contact info, and assets).
  • Look for any errors, or discrepancies between the listing and your company profile.
    • Incorrect contact information: Address, Phone Number, Email, etc.
    • Outdated imagery: Promotional materials, logo’s, etc.
    • Broken links: Website, social media, etc.
Pro Tip: Use a free software like Airi to do this for you! She never blinks, and won’t miss a thing.

Step 2: Take Note of all Errors in a Doc.

Create a document (or Google Doc) and write down each error, and discrepancy you discover.
  • Directory Listing 1 URL:
  • Error: (info found on directory)
    • Update: (info that should be on directory)
Note: Directory updates can take a while to publish if you do not have login access. By taking note of all errors in a document, you have something to reference when checking the status of your updates.  

Step 3: Review Directory Assets.  

After all errors are noted, take a few minutes to review the assets used on each directory.
  • Is the directory displaying an old version of your logo?
  • Do you have new product or service images to add?
  • Does the directory offer the addition of extra assets? (videos, menu’s etc)

Step 4: Submit and Complete Directory Updates.  

Every Business Directory has a different process for submitting listing updates. If possible, login and make the changes yourself immediately. If not, suggest an edit as a “user” or through the directory’s update process. Site moderators will review your submission and make the change if they feel it is accurate. If you are making a big change (address or email or phone number) it may take a few tries, as site moderators want to make sure the request is legitimate before changing a business’ contact information.