How do I get a Profile Canada Business Listing?

How do I get a Profile Canada Business Listing?

BEFORE YOU START: Profile Canada is free to list your business but not to respond to reviews. Go to for more info. 

Add a Business to Profile Canada: 

  • Go to
  • What is your relationship to this company? Select: 
    • I’m the owner of this company.
    • I work for this company.
    • I don’t work here, but I’m acting on behalf of this company.
    • I’m a user of Profile Canada improving the business listing.
  • Add Key Business Info:
    • Name.
    • City.
    • Address.
    • Postal Code.
    • Business Phone.
    • Website.
    • Business Description:
    • Toll Free Number.
    • Fax Number.
    • Email.
  • Search and Select your Business Category.
  • Answer Survey Q’s:
    • What is your top online marketing challenge?
    • Are you currently working with an SEO provider?
  • Create your Profile Canada Account:
    • First Name.
    • Last Name.
    • City.
    • Email.
    • Password / Confirm Password
    • Enter CAPTCHA text.
  • Click Submit Info and Create Account.
  • Confirm Profile Canada’s Verification Email (check all email categories).
After confirming your email, your account will remain pending until reviewed by website moderators. Once reviewed and approved, your listing will be published by Profile Canada.

Fix an Error on your Profile Canada Listing: 

Follow the same steps as above. Moderators will review your Profile Canada Listing Update, and apply it to the existing listing.