Infographic: 2017 Voice Assistant Trends

The popularity of voice assistants has seen a phenomenal rise in the last few years. In fact, we’re quickly closing in on one million voice assistants connected to IFTTT! So, we know you love them — and love using them with IFTTT to control everything from smart lights to your social media. But, we wanted to learn more about how exactly you’re interacting with your assistants. So, in April, we reached out and asked you. Here’s what you had to say:

 Alexa and Google Assistant are honorary for IFTTT Headquarter — always ready to help out with a question, find a phone, take a note, track a to-do — or start the party. There’s more on the way, too: new assistants are building with IFTTT! Watch this space to hear about them as soon as they hit the platform. In the meantime, check out our latest collection, Applets for voice assistants, to see some of our favorite use cases.