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Need to know whats backlinks valued by Google?

Last week, Google announced changes in the way they evaluate backlinks. So how exactly does this influence your website rankings and how exactly does Google consider backlinks?

So, What exactly did Google announce?

Google introduced a number of changes of their ranking algorithm. The almost all important change was the change of the backlink evaluation:

According to Google Stuff, "Link evaluation. We often use characteristics of links to help us figure out the topic of a linked page. We have changed the way in which we evaluate links; in particular, we are turning off a method of link analysis that we used for several years. We often rearchitect or turn off parts of our scoring in order to keep our system maintainable, clean and understandable. "

What really does this mean for your web page search positions?

The fact is that, as usual Google doesn’t go into detail. As described in Google’s statement, Google uses "Quality of links" to determine out the topic of a linked page. We’ll consider a look at the characteristics down below. Then we’ll attempt to find out which element could have been changed.

Quality-A: Anchor Tag

The anchor text of a link has been the most crucial aspect for a long time. If several websites link to a page with the anchor text "ABC" then the page will obtain higher rankings for the term "ABC"

Quality-B: the strength of the backlinking page

Backlinks from pages along with numerous incoming links possess a more significant influence rather than backlinks coming from webpages with couple of backlinks.

Quality-C: subject material and webpage closeness

If a person sell shoes and boots on your web site then the particular backlink to your website will have a bigger impression if the written text that is all around the hyperlink to your web page is about shoes and boots. If the hyperlink to your website is surrounded by totally non related material then the web link won’t matter as much.

I will try to post some more about it tomorrow.


  1. Nice share, what you think about footer links? I think Google is going to penalize those website host spammy footer link for increase their internal links from homepage.

  2. I don't think Google's going to penalize having footer links, because footer is really a part of website navigation & you may keep links there. But I can't bet for it:)


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