Google Penguin Update: Still you can win the game!

if you are not conscious regarding Google's Penguin update that was rolled out april 24. So what exactly Google made changes in this penguin update? as usual Google is very poor when it comes to make us clear about their algorithm. they never provide enough data about their algorithm as well as changes they made but they provide some guideline though their webmaster blog.

According to Google webmaster central blog penguin update focuses on several things including but not limited to, site-wide links that go against Google Webmaster Guidelines, spun content and articles and over optimization. If you think you have been hit by the Google latest penguin update then here are a few things that you should really consider doing before complaining to Google.

1. if you receiving alert though your Google webmaster tools account for unnatural links detected notice, it will better if you go though those website & remove links.

2. If your website rankings already been dropped it doesn't ensure that your website have been hit by the Penguin. Google did some mistake and admitted that it was incorrectly classifying some subdomain/domains as parked domains. Matt Cutts from Google web-spam head recommends filling out their form for those who believe they were affected by mistake. According to form if your site was affected by the Penguin update, and you don't think it should have been affected, please give Google more details on that form. It will then as you for the URL of your page, a few examples of keywords that you'd expect it to show for but which instead lists non-ideal results and any additional comments. form can be found here:

3. If you think your back link profile that you have acquired links from non-relevant site, mainly links that are placed site-wide then I highly recommend cleaning out those links and submitting a reconsideration request. Please Give them/google as much information as you can in your reconsideration request. It would be very useful to highlight all the links that you have taken down.

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