Growing Social Media Sites 2012

To help User Connect with friends & family, Social Media Sites offering many tools as well as App. While the media was getting obsessed with Facebook & Google+…. the world actually got interested in Pinterest, Goodreads & What's more, Google's nascent social network, despite having seen a growing number of signups, only managed to attract visitors for an average of 3 minutes in the entire month of January - and that was a fall from the 4 minutes it achieved in December.


Pinterest is The hot new social media site already has millions of users.
The site is a great way to get organized and share everything — whether it be photos, recipes and travel tips — with people around the world. Posting “pinboards” is like tearing out images of your favorite things and storing them electronically so they’re easily accessible.


Goodreads is a social reading site that's easily pushing 20 million unique visitors per month. It's not talked about in the same way as the über-addictive social networking darling du jour, Pinterest, where users come, pin and leave. There are other, far more intriguing reasons why Goodreads is quietly building and growing a smart, devoted host of members.

Microsoft Social

Microsoft has officially launched an “experimental” social networking site called, which combines facets of social networking, search, and media sharing with a user interface resembling Google+.
When we last heard about it, (pronounced “Social”) was being billed as an “experimental research project” and was only available to students studying information and design at the University of Washington, Syracuse University, and New York University. While the project is still billed as experimental, it’s now open to anyone who wants to give it a shot.

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Just wondering, is Microsoft Social open for students of nation?