Your Party in the Clouds: Google+ announces its cool new events feature!

Google announces its cool new feature Google+ Events for make your life more Joyful with friends & family in the clouds, As Google promised Changing the Way We Share and Connect.

As like Google+ Others tools, It's completely free & works before, during, and after a party, unlike other event organisation toolkits, which "bail when you need them the most. As Usual Google's efforts to make our life more easier & much better.

New Google+ Events integrates with Google+, has support for beautiful themes and it's not just about creating events. The most interesting feature is called "party mode" and it automatically brings together all the photos taken by the guests. "Once you've enabled Party Mode on your mobile device, all of your new photos get added to the event in real-time. And as more guests turn on Party Mode, more pictures will instantly appear to fellow invitees. In this way Google+ Events gives your party a visual pulse; we've even added a 'live slideshow' you can proudly project during the event," explains Google.

If you aren't already familiar with Google+ Events I’m inviting you start with me.

Welcome For You: 

Google+ Events

The is the snapshot of what you’ll see after visiting your Google+ account, where Google inviting you to use their cool new feature Google+ Events. Click on anywhere you want, focused by Google for redirect you to Google+ Events Dashboard.

Easy To Manage Events Dashborad:

Google+ Events Dashboard
Picture: D
 After click New Google+ Events Feature, Google will take you to their events dashboard (Picture: D). Google+ Events Dashboard is the places from where you can see your events that's you been created or invited, Create Events. You Right Top have a Settings icon for click you, where you will find settings, help, send feedback & take a tour.

What are waiting there for you?

1.1 This page has a Google+ Schedule hangouts links & icon for Plan your next hangout Find a time to video chat with your friends.

1.2 More events: For Find more events Search and browse public events.

1.3 Google calendar: For View your calendar All your events appear on Google Calendar.

1.4 Special "Party Mode": For Share instantly with Party Mode Snap and share pictures to the event in real time with Party Mode.
Also you can: You can also attach a personalized YouTube video greeting and a selection of animations to an invitation, according to the official Google blog & Official Google YouTube Video.
Google+ Events invites are sent via email and can be fully viewed even if the recipient doesn't have a Google+ account. There's even more eye candy with the receiving mechanism—invitations "unfold" like a physical invitation sent via snail mail.
The social planner is tightly integrated with Google Calendar, so invitations plug directly into a user's schedule and can be viewed in full in the Calendar by hovering over the event.
Google also introduced its first optimized version of Google+ for tablets, which leverages the larger screen size of such devices for a richer, fuller presentation of the Google+ stream, face-to-face video chatting, and media playback.

Not Conclusion: I found A article written that Google+ Event & facebook eventpage is very similar. In his word
At first glance, Google+ Events looks very similar to a Facebook event page offering space to share event information, attendee lists, and photos – there’s even room to write on “the wall”.
Your basic event page?
Far from it.

Below is the screenshot of Facebook event:

Facebook Event Page

I can’t understand what and probably how he/she found similarities between Google+ Events & facebook Event page. In My opinion, Google+ Event is thousand time cool & fine From Facebook Event app. What You Think?