SEO Tips for a Realtor Website!

We are now in a computer age, thus realtor website is a must in real estate business. This means that realtors should have their own realtor website to have a presence online. Realtor website is a powerful tool, it tells what you have to offer and how the target consumer can take advantage of it. However, having your own realtor website is not enough, you have to make it sure that it ranks in the first page of the search engine result. Why? It is just because this is your only chance to get visitors that eventually can turn into leads.

Like any other kind of marketing, competition is tough in the World Wide Web. Yes, you can target people around the world but the question is “who’s realtor website will show up in a search engine?” We all know that the method used to get your realtor website shows up in the first page of the search engine is SEO technique. Google is changing its style in crawling realtor websites, but most of the on-page strategies mentioned are the basic, most important fundamentals of SEO for your agent website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization where in you can optimize your realtor website to get a higher ranking in search engine. Here are some useful SEO tips for a realtor website.

Select the right domain name.

Selecting the right realtor website domain name is very crucial. Do not just pick any domain name, make it sure that it is something people would easily remember and carries your keyword. Let’s say you are marketing real estate on West Bloomfield in Michigan, you can have as a realtor website domain name. Should it happen that this domain name is no longer available, you can also try .net or .org. Also, consider buying old realtor website domain names that other realtors let expire but still have a good ranking. This way, you can have an instant realtor website with good ranking, all you have to do is to make it better.

Create a realtor website with the right keyword phrases.

Before you start creating your realtor website, make a research for the keywords that people usually search. You can use Google keyword Planner and you will see how many people are searching for a certain keyword. From there you can set up your on-page SEO. On each page of your realtor website, the keyword phrases that you choose should be seen a few times in the content, image-alt tags, meta-tags and title.

Write engaging content.
As they say content is a king and it is still is. Google Panda and Google Penguin finds content attractive. But, be aware of keyword stuffing, it no longer works. A few keywords are enough. Create a blog on your realtor website and write about your city to attract audiences. Create a new post once or twice a week to keep them coming back to your website. You can also add pictures and videos in your post.

Work on your off-page SEO.
One of the effective off-page SEO today is link wheeling where in you do not have to link all your submitted articles to your realtor website but you also have to link it to your other post. For example, you submitted an article to a web 2.0 site linking to your realtor website, and then you will submit another article on article directories, this time you have to link it to the article you submitted in web 2.0 sites. You will make a chain. Then do back linking through blog commenting, forum posting and others.

Try not to spend so much money and got sold into some “guarantees”, but make sure you start with an agent website that builds on a solid system, can be managed easily, the pages are SEO friendly and that you can control the page Meta Tags. Your agent website should also allow you to expand later on when you are ready to add videos, local news feeds, widgets, to build more interesting contents that are relevant to your prospective clients.


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