Apple Vs. Samsung: Case Overview for the Patent Trial of the Century


Over the course of the last few years, Apple has unleashed a slew of intellectual-property lawsuits against Android device manufacturers such as: HTC, Motorola and of course, the poster child of this continued litigation, Samsung.

While IP lawsuits are nothing new in the world of technology manufacturers, it has become glaringly apparent after the ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany (back in September 2011) that this case could hold serious repercussions for both parties and consumers alike.

Since then, the two mobile giants have geared up preparing for their trial case, which began Monday, July 30. Both Apple and Samsung have deferred judgment to a jury of 10, whose decision could cost either company billions of dollars, or even remove their iconic products from the shelves.

This is truly a landmark case that has the potential to impact our economy, the consumer landscape, and our fundamental understanding of Patent Law.

Which way will it go?
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