Google PageRank Update: August 2012

Well, if you aren’t checked your websites PR today checks it out now & let us know if your websites PR drop or jump. Yes there is a Google PageRank Toolbar update happened yesterday or today. As usual Twitter & Facebook is going to mad about Google PR update august 2012.

The last Google PR update had to the Google Toolbar was in May 2012, about three months ago. Before that was three months before February in February 2012. See a pattern here, how often Google update their PageRank Toolbar.
I got two of my sites PR had a nice jump, and I’m quite happy about it. I just checked this site and found got 1 from 0.

My other website got PR 2 from 0, so good first jump for this site in term of Google.

  That being said, Google PR is a pride for many web sites and I do hope your PageRank increased so you can wear that badge with honor.