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5 Steps for a successful SEO Strategy

I believe, The best SEO methods is not merely recycled back-links from random low PR websites. Great Methods needs to first target the potentials market & customers base. who view your products and services and convert them from 'visitors to buyers.' Here's a 5 Steps SEO Strategy for a successful Google optimization Campaign.

Stage #1– Website Audit/Analysis & Competitiveness Analysis.
Responsibilities Will Be:

SEO analysis of client website
5+ Competitors Website Analysis
Industry Research/Analysis

Stage #2 – ON-Page SEO.
Responsibilities Will Be:

Keyword Analysis
Competitors Analysis
Title & Meta Tags creation
use Alt Attributes
Content Optimization (Keyword Density, H1, H2, H3...)
Internal Linking of webpages
Sitemap & RSS Feed creation
New Page Creation (If necessary)
Website HTML & CSS Validation
 google & bing web master tools set up & validation.

Stage #3 – OFF-Page SEO.
Responsibilities Will Be:

1. Search Engine Submissions
2. Directory Submission
3. Business Listing
4. High PR Profile Link Building
5. Social Bookmarking
6. Article Submission
7. PR Submission
8. Blog / Mini website Creation (link wheel & mini nets)
9. Blog / Mini website Submission to Directories
10. RSS Integration & Submission
11. Video & Slide Sharing
12. Blog Commenting (Related)
13. Forum Posting (Related)

Stage #4 – Social Media Marketing.
Nowadays social media is used by most of our consumer so we should focus social presence more.
We’ll increase your business presence online through major social media. we have pretty good experience managing client’s business accounts over facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, and YouTube.

Stage #4 – Measure Campaign Effectiveness
You can use Google Webmaster toolsGoogle Analytics, and any other tools you like most.


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