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Drupal Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Drupal Search Engine Optimization Checklist
We know today a lot of site builds with Drupal CMS for variety of industries & purpose. According to drupal usage trends, 389,348 sites are using Drupal and this last update occurring on 05 Oct 2012. The drupal usage trends within the top million sites are updated once per week.

While I have excellent experience in Drupal website optimization especially for Google search engine organic ranking. I believe my drupal SEO strategy would be helpful for our reader next drupal website SEO Project.

I have designed an complete SEO Blueprint for drupal website Organic SEO keeping in view of the Google all algorithm updates along with most recent one Google Penguin to get the SEO done in a white hat way. My SEO strategies guarantee you, your drupal website will be get top position on Google within 3 months, and organic traffic will be increase significantly.

Drupal Search Engine Optimization Checklist

1. Submit Drupal site 200+ search engines specially Google, Bing and Yahoo!
2. Setup Google Analytics with the Drupal Google Analytics module.
3. Setup Webmaster Tools for Google and Bing (Yahoo! Site Explorer Merge into Bing Webmaster Tools).
4. Create an XML Sitemap with Drupal xmlsitemap Module.
5. Submit XML Sitemap to Google & Bing Webmaster tools (Yahoo! Site Explorer Merge into Bing Webmaster Tools).
6. Create & validate your robots.txt file with Google webmaster tools robots.txt checker.
7. Set Homepage Meta description and keywords with Drupal Nodewords module.
8. Create custom page titles for every page with the Drupal Page Title module.
9. Make sure to use Drupal Canonical URL module for your drupal website.
10. Make sure your site has no duplicate title & descriptions.
11. register your domain for up to 10 years for encourage search engines to give it a higher rank.
12. Use friendly URLs: Enable clean URLs; install Drupal Path and Pathauto modules.
13. Create inbound links as many as you can from other, ideally related and high-profile websites.
14. Maintain Legacy URLs: Try to maintain or redirect your legacy URLs.
15. Create a useful 404 error page with CustomError module.
16. Use a tool to help you keep the Drupal site SEO optimized, like Drupal SEO Checklist Module.

Let me know if what you think about above steps? Please feel free to drop your idea about Drupal website SEO in the comments.


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