The State of Mobile Marketing 2015 [Infographic]

Did you adjusted your online marketing strategy to accommodate the rapidly growing number of mobile users currently interacting online?

The rapid rise of smartphone and tablet adoption has affected almost every aspect of digital marketing. The impact ranges from the most recent 'Mobile-friendly' algorithm changes to Google's smartphone search results through to the lower conversion rates on smartphones, use of social media on mobile and ensuring that our emails are mobile-friendly.

JBH Marketing & Smart Insights put together this infographic that details the state of mobile marketing in 2015, and some of the statistics and data is staggering. For one, the percentage of time spent on a mobile app in 2015 is 86%, and 79% of smartphone users say they use apps almost every day. Keep that in mind next time you're trying to decide if your business needs a mobile app.

Mobile Marketing in 2015

I hope this compilation of statistics about Mobile Marketing in 2015 to be useful - please share if it is and we'll continue to update it in 2015.

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