Best Ways to Promote Your Online Courses

Best Ways to Promote Online Courses

Actually there is no specialize way to promote online courses, You’ve got to address the same challenges you do when promote a service or product online: build attention, interest, desire, and action in your prospective customers.

You do need to take into account the unique structure, timeline, and value proposition of your online course, and create online marketing campaigns that support it.

Here are ways that can help you market your online course effectively and grow your Audience (I believe so).

Make a blog 

Maintaining an active blog in order to support your online course activity as an educator is the best thing to do. Update your blog few times a week with engaging, useful and informative content about your online course.

Regular blogging also make your blog authority source in your niche. Becoming an authoritative source for information that meets users expectations more than search engine needs will become exceptionally important.

Social Media 

Οbviously using social media in order to communicate and connect with potential learner is important. What you should never forget is to always provide useful information and actual and useful knowledge. Also, keep this activity within reasonable limits. For example, post blog articles on Facebook not more often than 2, 3 times a week. Making “noise” in the social media will have a negative effect on your image.

Provide Authentic Information

Make testimonials and small stories for specific people who enjoyed your online courses recently. Publish these positive examples on your blog and social media pages.

Make Short, Free Courses and Share Them 

Giving things for free builds more engagement with existing and potential customers. It is an excellent way to grow your online community and to generate more new leads.


Keep engaging your past, current and future potential learners with informative newsletters. Let them know about the latest on the industry, tell them about your content, interview industry opinion leaders etc.

Run a Forum 

As an educator you are an opinion leader yourself, most probably. Use this expertise and engage learners with a forum. Of course, it takes a lot of effort to properly administrate a forum but once you are up to it results will be fascinating. You can also use it in order to start discussions, get feedback and come up with new ideas just by listening to people.


eBooks are used to provide information, engage online customers and provide the writer with an authoritarian role. You can make and share new eBook every couple of months. They should be anything between 10-20 pages and they must share clear and useful information related to your online course.

For example, if you are educating people on Website Design, you can make a 20 page eBook on how to design a basic website. You can then upload it on your website or blog and allow people to download it for free only by giving you their name and email. This way an eBook can also become a useful lead generator.

Of course, this list isn’t a road map to guaranteed success to Promote Your Online Courses. There are number of ways you can do in order to promote your online course and sell your courses. You can start by using these ways I just mentioned above and make them part of your core strategy, before using more advanced processes.