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Local Business Citation Cleanup Guide

Here's My 5 Steps Strategy for Citation CleanUp?

Step 1: I started with a Automated (BrightLocal) and Manual Citation Audit to Identify all Inaccurate Citations.

Step 2: Based on the Citation Audit, I Identify listings with incorrect NAP and Capture data in Spreadsheet.

Step 3: When I get complete list of Incorrect citations, I try to fix Inaccurate citations by claiming. When Claiming not available, I reach directories support to modify the business information. Some Directories take 3-4 emails to amend the information.

Step 4: I monitor emails, inconsistent citations and save notes on work spreadsheet. If I receive no updates from directories I emailed, then I do a follow up email or another round of citation cleanup.

Step 5: I send the final report with everything that has been done to my client.

Note It, in some cases there might be listings that would be uneditable, so the only option might be for them to be removed.

Outreach Email Template

Hi There,
I represent the "local business". I need help claiming the listing. The profile is already claimed but we don't have the login info.

We need to update the business information. The current information is wrong and needs to be updated right away.

Please use if you need further information.

Thank you,
Company Representative Name


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