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Why Should You Attend This June's Local Business Marketing Summit?

local business marketing summit 2017

All Digital Marketers and Local Business Owners are invited to participate in a free two-day Online Local Business Marketing Summit being sponsored by the Colorado-based Local Marketing Institute.
On June 27-28, 2017, the Local Business Marketing Summit will kick off – it’s a FREE two-day online event designed specifically for local businesses who want to jump start their marketing efforts.

Scheduled presenters include more than a dozen digital-marketing experts who have been regular contributors to “Forbes” magazine, Google My Business, Moz, Search Engine Land, Social Media Examiner, SMX and “The Wall Street Journal,” according to a press release.

Speakers For The June 27-28 Local Business Marketing Summit

  1. Eric Shanfelt
    Founder and CEO of Local Marketing Institute
  2. Myles Anderson
    CEO of BrightLocal, Search Engine Land Contributor
  3. Bernadette Coleman
    CEO of Advice Local, Contributor to Search Engine Land, Forbes
  4. Sean Daily
    Founder / Lead Strategist at Social Media Ninjas
  5. Chris Davis
    Director of Education for ActiveCampaign, Former Head of Mkt Automation at Leadpages
  6. Lissa Duty
    Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Rocks Digital, Social Media Trainer and Author
  7. Joy Hawkins
    President of Sterling Sky, Google My Business Top Contributor, SMX , Search Engine Land
  8. Collin Holmes
    CEO of Chatmeter, Former VP of Product Management and Marketing for V-ENABLE
  9. Laurie Macomber
    President of Blue Skies Marketing, Local, SEO, and Content Marketing Expert
  10. Marcus Miller
    Digital Strategist at BowlerHat, Moz and Search Engine Land Contributor
  11. Phil Rozek
    Owner of Local Visibility System, Local Search Ranking Factors Contributor
  12. Conrad Saam
    GM of Mockingbird Marketing, Former Director of Marketing for both UrbanSpoon and Avvo
  13. Dennis Yu
    Chief Technology Officer of BlitzMetrics, Contributor for WSJ and Social Media Examiner
  14. Phil Nicolosi

The Local Business Marketing Summit takes place Tuesday and Wednesday, June 27-28, and will feature 18 video sessions from some of the most well-respected local marketing experts in the world. The subject matter of the sessions will be centered around six themes: social media; local search engine optimization; online ratings and reviews; your website; email marketing; and online advertising.

The Local Marketing Institute was founded by CEO Eric Shanfelt, who has more than 25 years experience in digital marketing. His background includes serving as senior vice president of digital for Penton Media and HarperCollins. The goal of his company, he says, is to teach businesses, marketers and developers how to successfully market a local business online.

The two-day summit would normally be nearly $500, but Shanfelt is extending a special offer to Sign & Digital Graphics readers to enjoy all 18 video sessions free of charge. Click HERE to get your free pass.

What You'll Learn From Local Business Marketing Summit?

  • The Local SEO Checklist 2017
  • How To Get the Most from Your Google My Business Listing
  • Social Media Tactics That Actually Work
  • Digital Advertising 101 for Local Businesses
  • A Complete Local Business Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Tips and Tricks to Build Email List
  • Marketing Automation
  • About Paid Local Listing Service
  • Content that Works Well for Web, Email and Social Media
  • Anatomy of a Well-Designed Local Business Website
  • How to Get the Most From Your Local Business Facebook Page
  • Which Local Business Review Sites Work Best for You?
  • Keys to Successful Facebook Local Advertising
  • How to Get More Reviews for Your Local Business?
  • Keys to Successful Google Local Advertising


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