Google My Business Released Website Builder To All Countries

GMB Website Builder

Google Business Websites are currently being rolled out globally by Google My Business. The new Google business websites are completely free and available to all businesses that have a verified Google business page. The Google business website is a single page, mobile friendly site with business information being extracted directly from the Google business listing to the website.

Available for Google My Business users, this new feature will provide templated, editable websites for SMBs created from their data and photos on Google Maps. The tech giant makes use of small businesses listing to build the website, taking care of the design and makes sure that their website is easily found in Search and Maps.

According to Google, the websites created with ‘Website With Google My Business’ tool will help businesses connect more easily with their customers and guide them on what exactly they want them to do next, like maybe call their business, book an appointment, or even sign up for mailing list to remain updated on all the latest products/services that the business comes up with.

As part of the website builder tool, Google even gifts the businesses their own free domain or they also have the option of buying a domain of their own choice with Google Domains right from ‘Google My Business’.

What is Google Business Websites?

Google Business websites are free single page, mobile friendly websites for businesses. A Google business website is only available to businesses that have a Google business page. If you do not have a Google business listing you can start here. If your business has an unclaimed listing, you will need to claim the business listing to gain access.

You will be eligible for the website as soon as you have created the business listing, even whilst waiting for verification, however if the listing gets suspended, then the website will be 404’d.

What Google My Business Website Builder Offer You?

  • Custom domain name
  • It's mobile friendly
  • Drives calls and visits
  • Automatically updates
  • You can manage it on your mobile phone
  • You can easily place ads on them

How to Create a Business Website with Google My Business Website Builder?

Your Google business website can be up and running is seven pain free steps. The main parts of the site are auto populated based on information already available in the Google business page, with the only real functionality being Images, Headline, Subheading and Body Copy.
  • Log into your Google My Business Dashboard
  • Manage Location
  • Select Website in Main Menu
  • Select Theme
  • Header Image Extracted from Owner Photos
  • Text Edit – Headline, Description, Summary Header, Summary Body
  • Add Photos for Footer Images
  • Settings – Create Domain Name
  • Publish

Is Google Business Websites SEO Friendly?

The Free Google Website builder for GMB does not offer any real “SEO” optimization features at the moment. The intention behind the Google My Business website was to allow small businesses in developing countries the chance to create a simple, single page, mobile friendly website, that users could find out more about the business then the Google business page provided.

Depending on how this new google tool received by businesses globally, will depend on how Google develops their My Business Website builder.