2012! A Survival year for Internet Based Business.

I am going to share some of my fear about 2012 by this post. I haven't sure exactly what about this post, but I can make you sure it's about internet & Internet based business.

 At 2011 we saw a significant change at Google search engine algorithm  & their change will be continue in 2012. If we thought about Pre-Panda environment, we saw getting search engine ranking for either organic or ppc or places was so easy than now. Off-course we can tell now that was so easy, when we only need backlinks & content, & even search engine not ask us for quality links or content.

Now we know getting 100000+ spammy or unqualified backlinks has no demand than 1 quality backlinks from authority/trusted website.  Also building unrelated backlinks may cause down your ranking from your desired search terms.

Plagiarism is now more practiced by internet marketer & search engine is stricter about it than ever. Duplicate content is very harmful for website as well as getting search engine rank Now-A-Days.

What more changes will be in 2012? This month we are very busy for sort out what more changes will be in 2012 that can affect Internet Based Business? Internet Marketing Forum & Blog is quite busy now for predict this issue as well. 

I have membership of some top Internet marketing forum & blog where I read number of prediction about Internet Marketing Trends 2012. Some of item I want to share here if you already didn't read.

1. Google+: we all know Google is king of search engine & they must want to promote their social media Google+ to next level like facebook. Although I guess Google has 35% chance for it, when 8 Million people already used facebook. I expect Google will improves/add more feature on Google please for attract user & stay on it. I also expecting Google+ PPC platform for more expose products/services to Google+ user. A Personal request to you, if you haven't open a Google+ account or Google+ Business page yet please open it Now.

2. Facebook: Facebook is part of 8 Million people in this glove & 2012 will be Google-VS-Facebook. Facebook will improve their feature to next level that we can't image now. In 2012 Facebook page will be a website or a blog or shopping cart for you or publisher.  In 2012 facebook will be want to stay you at facebook all times & they wanting to serve you almost everything you needed. I mean their approach will be, you don't need to go anywhere around internet for your needs.

3. Info Graphics & Digital Products Description: we are lazy & expect everything without any work or hard work. We get bored when we read products description & scroll web page. Products seller needs to be smart not their consumer, Isn't It? So, we all need to add Info Graphics, audio & video Products Description on every website for satisfies their consumer. Note that, Now-a-days almost all smart-phones support flash, java & load large website.

4. Mobilize: Regarding my 3rd point, we are now seeing almost all smart website has mobile version. Your website visitor will be significantly decreased in 2012 if your website has no mobile capability. You need to understand that we all now use our smart-phones like computer. So, if your website can't support smart-phones how can we visit your website?


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