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SEO Experts Review: What is the best SEO friendly CMS platform in 2015 for a company website?

If you need to use CMS for your next project, think what you'll be going to use?

This question asked by one of the Quora User and here's what came out. Responses listed in the order they were received in:

Alice Deans
I feel that wordpress has number of options to work on the SEO. You can totally customize the site along with the focus keywords. I personally use it.

Aegis OutdoorsMinnesota Permit To Carry
Here's Why We Should Use WordPress.

WordPress is Free as in Freedom WordPress is Easy to Use and Learn WordPress is Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins WordPress is Search Engine Friendly WordPress is Easy To Manage WordPress is Safe and Secure WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types

Gjivan ShresthaWeb Entrepreneur / Director at Ewebpedia Network™

If you are non tech savvy, go for WordPress, they are good in seo not only cz of responsive theme design but also there are numerous plugins which automate your work.

Diana Perk - Get Expert Advice on Web Development

If …