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Google Webmaster Tools Site Errors Breakdown revealed By Google Webmaster Blog

If you missed to read Google webmaster central last blog post about Google Webmaster ToolsSite Error reporting data.

So enjoy reading 
Today we’re announcing more detailed Site Error information in Webmaster Tools. This information is useful when looking for the source of your Site Errors. For example, if your site suffers from server connectivity problems, your server may simply be misconfigured; then again, it could also be completely unavailable! Since each Site Error (DNS, server connectivity, and robots.txt fetch) is comprised of several unique issues, we’ve broken down each category into more specific errors to provide you with a better analysis of your site’s health.

Site Errors will display statistics for each of your site-wide crawl errors from the past 90 days. In addition, it will show the failure rates for any category-specific errors that have been affecting your site.

If you’re not sure what a particular error means, you can read a short description of it by hovering over …

How To: Enhance your web browsing performance using browser advertiser plug-in!

This is a how to article for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome user only.
If you experiencing slow browsing speed on Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome for Windows, this method give you the opportunity to browse more smoothly than it is currently.
Internet browser uses your network speed for download WebPages content from web server you want to visit, then the browser serve you the website. Depending on the website content (dynamic or static) & webpage size web browser took time display to you.

You know most of the website use advertising in their website, and if you can disable/hide thus advertisement you can browse faster. So, we’re going to block unwanted advertisement when we browse though Firefox & chrome.
If you still don’t know about browser advertising filter, please allow me to share with you what is internet browser advertiser filter & how to use it. What is browser advertising filter? Browser advertising filter is simple plug-in/extension ensure that most adv…

Bulk Free Website Pagerank Checker Tool

However The World Wide Web has many free Pagerank Checker tools for check any website PR, Most of them allow us only website at a time. sometimes, we may need to check many websites Google PR within very few minutes. The solution is Mass Google Pagerank Check tools.

So, what is Mass Google Pagerank Check tools & what it dose?Mass PageRank Checker is high quality tools allows you to perform a pagerank check of bulk websites to retrieve Google PageRank and Alexa ranking based on web traffic and incoming backlinks.

Mass PageRank Checker is retrieve websites pagerank, you can also view the websites alexa rank and indexed backlinks. Alexa ranking is based off of website popularity, and the lower the value the better.

Check Google Pagerank Check

Hex - Responsive Coming Soon ThemeForest Template RIP - Free GiveWay

Grab Hex-Responsive Coming Soon ThemeForest Template - Premium HTML5 & CSS3 Template, mobile, iPhone & iPad ready.

Hex is a HTML5 & CSS responsive clean coming soon Template that is perfect for any Website project, but it's great for Agency or Creatives. It features a working AJAX email sign up form which is PHP validated against spam or attacks. Built on the GetSkeleton framework Hex is fully responsive down to mobile and built to gracefully degrade wherever possible.

Great Custom Header Slideshow Hex features a custom .png based Custom Header Slideshow which can play behind any .png mask you wish! Included you get an .ai file with the masks used in the 6 html files included, so you can build your own, or just use the beautiful hexagon or circle masks included.
6 HTML Files Included 1. Light Hexagon
2. Dark Hexagon
3. Light Circle
4. Dark Circle
5. Light Text Header
6. Dark Text Header

Hex is Clean fully responsive, all six HTML files scale down to mobile perfectly and…

Say hello to Firefox OS phones

•First devices featuring Firefox OS to be manufactured by TCL Communication Technology (Alcatel) and ZTE
• Leading global network operators back initiative, including Deutsche Telekom,Etisalat,Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telef√≥nica and Telenor Industry support is growing behind Mozilla’s plans to launch a new fully open mobile ecosystem based on HTML5. The operating system, which Mozilla confirmed will use its Firefox brand, will power the launch of smartphones built entirely to open Web standards, where all of the device’s capabilities can be developed as HTML5 applications. Mapping to key Firefox footprints around the globe, leading operators Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telef√≥nica and Telenor  are backing the open Firefox OS as an exciting new entrant to the smartphone marketplace. They have also identified the potential of the technology to deliver compelling smartphone experiences at attainable prices. Device manufacturers TCL Communication Technology

How to Get Money from oDesk Directly to your Bank Account in Bangladesh

Although money withdrawing from oDesk has never been a problem for Bangladeshi freelancers like me, but it can be very difficult for newbie freelancers who just started working though oDesk.
But the good news is oDesk has been started Wire Transfers in BDTforBangladeshi contractors. It seems this method will be the most direct, low cost way to withdraw funds for Bangladeshi contractor to his/her own bank account.
Now all of Bangladeshi freelancers who work though oDesk can receive their money directly on their local bank account via New Wire transfer Withdrawal BDT. This Withdrawal Method is going to charge you $4.99 for each withdraws whereFirst withdrawal isFREE! It will take three to five business days to arrive money on your own Bank account. Isn’t cool?
Now time to talk about the step by step procedure to Eligible Wire Transfers Withdrawal in BDT.
1. Login on your oDesk account, then select "Wallet" tab and click on "Withdraw Method". See below image-
2. Then you w…

How Dare You Tell Me To NoFollow My Sponsored Links(REPOST)

Collect from Barry Schwartz Post, Executive Editor Search Engine Roundtable

I am getting upset, I rarely write stories when I am upset but hey - when you are in the heat of the moment, the writing should come out passionate, shouldn't it?
The other day, I broke the story that Forbes got caught selling links and didn't even know they were selling it. It turns out, it was a technical error and they apologized, removed the links and likely submitted their reconsideration request.
But if you read the comments in my post and even some comments in the Google Webmaster Help thread you will see people laughing at me because we sell links on the side bar here. Yes, scroll down, look on the right, there are "sponsored links." We have sponsors pay about $350 per month for those links and most have been there for years. You don't think I know I sell links on this site? Do you think I am that dumb?
Let me give you some history, so you have some perspective. In…

Google PageRank Update: August 2012

Well, if you aren’t checked your websites PR today checks it out now & let us know if your websites PR drop or jump. Yes there is a Google PageRank Toolbar update happened yesterday or today. As usual Twitter & Facebook is going to mad about Google PR update august 2012.

The last Google PR update had to the Google Toolbar was in May 2012, about three months ago. Before that was three months before February in February 2012. See a pattern here, how often Google update their PageRank Toolbar.

I got two of my sites PR had a nice jump, and I’m quite happy about it. I just checked this site and found got 1 from 0.

My other website got PR 2 from 0, so good first jump for this site in term of Google.

That being said, Google PR is a pride for many web sites and I do hope your PageRank increased so you can wear that badge with honor.